Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Grace of Beth Wood 

At least 5 years ago, my friend Ray and I had gone to listen to this cool folky acoustic chick named Beth Wood and I was instantly hooked. She is passionate about her music and writes her songs in a way that really speaks to me. I love the way she explains where her songs came from. She was introducing her song, "New Blood" and explained that it was about this musician/songwriter that she really admired named Jeff Buckley and how his untimely death had touched her life. The song is really beautiful and evoked in me a lot of emotion about someone I didn't even know about.

Before long, I was out at the record store and saw Jeff Buckley's CD, "Grace" on the shelf. I was torn about whether or not to buy it since I hadn't hear one song off the whole CD, but Beth's song was still haunting me and I wanted to know more. The CD went home with me.

I began listening to it and was absolutely amazed at this man and his music. It instantly went into my "Desert Island" collection as one of my all time favorite CD's EVER. His voice, his lyrics, the instrumentation - EVERYTHING - was just gorgeous to me.

Fast forward to last week as I'm motoring home from work on 285. I have on my favorite radio station, Dave FM. Margot, the DJ on the 7-10 shift, is always playing the coolest music, so I love to listen to her show. I hear a voice that I KNOW is Jeff Buckley, but I don't recognize the song! Unfortunately, Jeff is dead, so he isn't cranking out the songs anymore. I immediately grab my cell phone and call the radio station and Margot picked up the phone. I don't even think I said Hello to her but instead just blurt out, "Is that Jeff Buckley?" She says it is and explains that they have released a "Legacy edition" of the Grace album that includes several previously unreleased songs. HOW COOL!

I now own the Legacy Edition and it was worth every penny! Not only is the original album remastered, not only do they have previously unreleased songs, but there's a DVD with a documentary and videos!

The next album that Beth put out included a song called, "My Miles Davis Kinda Blue." At her CD release party, she explained that she had a "Roommate from Hell" that borrowed her copy of Miles Davis' album, "Kinda Blue" and then promptly lost it. The song was her way of dealing with the loss of one of her favorite CD's by imagining the journeys it may have taken.

Since I had such good luck with buying the Jeff Buckley CD on her "recommendation," I figured I'd try again. I went out and purchased "Kinda Blue" and again had another experience of, "How have I gone through life until now without this CD?" It's an AMAZING CD that anyone who even has thought about liking Jazz should have in their collection.

I find it so interesting how it played out that a musician explaining the inspiration for a song led me to go out and discover the inspiration myself.

Thank you, Beth!


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Flickr Gives Me Hope 

During the course of my work day, I stop and check CNN.com. I'm not sure why I continue to do this because doing this usually accomplishes one of two things: Either I'm pissed at what they think is news, (Did you see the headline the other day that Paris Hilton has decided to be celibate? SO F'ING WHAT????)or it makes me want to crawl in a corner and cry at what's going on in the world today.

When I finally remember that I really don't like being so well informed, I go to Flickr and click on "Last 7 Days Interesting" under the "Explore" tab. This brings up 9 random pictures downloaded in the last 7 days from all Flickr users. If you hit "Reload" you get another 9 pictures, and another 9 pictures and so on and so on and so on.

Looking at these images reminds me that despite the craziness or the horribleness that gets hurled at us sometimes, there is SO MUCH BEAUTY in this world of ours. Puppies, babies, sunsets, parts of the world I've never seen, beautiful smiles, gorgeous flowers and breathtaking vistas - all sorts of images both simple and exotic.

In my head, I'm saying to myself, "OK...I'm going to hit reload one more time and then go back to work." Inevitably, I hit reload another 5 or 6 times, but when I finally close down the window and get back to work, I'm a whole lot calmer and a have a much better perspective on this world we live in.


Memories of S&H Green Stamps 

When I was a little kid, Mom would get S&H Green Stamps at Buddies, the grocery store up the street from our house. She would get me to lick all the stamps to put them in the books that you collected them in. Then after several books were filled up, the glorious day would come when we would go to the S&H Green Stamp redemption store!

I was not all that interested in the stuff you could get at the store, but I was VERY interested in the playroom they had for the kids! There had to have been the kid sized combo of an stove, sink and refrigerator because I wanted one of those SOOOOOOOO BAD!!! I remember distinctly asking for them for my 3rd or 4th birthday and recieving a DOLL SIZED version. I was SOOOOOOOO disappointed. I remember thinking to myself, "What the hell were Mom and Dad thinking getting me these DOLL SIZED appliances!!!" OK..maybe I embellished a bit, but not much.

The irony of this story is that now that I have the REAL sized version of a stove, sink and refrigerator, I'm not so impressed.


I dream of Amy Ray 

I dreamt Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls broke up with me.

I don't know why.

Maybe it's because I'm not a lesbian?


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Yahoo Avatars and my Sister 

Yahoo! Avatars

This is my Avatar on Yahoo. I just created it. I found out about them when my sister created one for herself a while back. She has it on the sidebar of her blog.

I look at my sister's blog every single day. I hope against hope that this will be the day that she starts blogging again. She used to be quite the avid blogger, but not anymore. I know I don't have that much room to talk because my blogging is pretty spotty, but I think I blog at least a couple of times a month.

The thing that I think is funny is that even though she may not blog, (her last entry was dated 6/2/06) her Avatar will change her clothes and/or background. That just cracks me up!

Sissy! You are a talented writer! Take a break from your other talents every once in a while and let us hear your voice!


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