Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Do you ever have a situation where you look back at what you did or said and feel like a complete putz? I'm experiencing that right now. Sometimes I take the "entertaining" factor of my personality right over the line to "unentertaining," and by doing so, probably make others uncomfortable. I hate making people uncomfortable. I know how it feels and I hate being uncomfortable, so I really do not want to inflict that on anyone else, ya know? I'm trying not dwell on it. I am human and thereby I am tragically flawed, but I hate it when my flaws are so painfully apparent. All I can do is ask for forgiveness and move on. I'm sorry. I hope you'll forgive me.

On a lighter note, you have GOT to check out this website. It is too funny! It's about this big white guy living in Hong Kong and his trials and tribulations. I am a HUGE fan of the "subtitle" part of his website.

I've got some issues brewing in the back of my head. I used to try to explain what goes on in my head to my old roommate. It's like there is a radio on in my head and the volume is turned up just loud enough to where you know the radio is on, but you don't know what is being said. She never understood what I was talking about, but she said she could always tell when I was stewing on something when I played lots and lots of computer solitaire. I must admit my solitaire score has gotten really good lately. Hopefully, whatever my subconscious has been working on will be revealed to me soon!

Today I'm looking at a picture of our Mom and missing her. It was 7 years ago today that she passed away. I remember my sister and I being relieved that she didn't die on Halloween. We thought that would have been too bizarre! I can't believe it's been 7 years. It seems like it was just last week.

What's cool is that my beautiful sister looks more and more like our Mom everyday. On my desk I have their pictures side by side. There are times when I glance at my sister and I see Mom.

If you're Mom is still here with us, call her and tell her you love her.


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