Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I looked around at some of the other blogs out there in the world and think to myself, "What a wonderful world!" OK...you got me...I didn't really think that. Instead I thought, "Betty," (because that's what I call myself) "People are going to look at your blog and think you are as boring as boring can be!" However, I remind myself (aka Betty) that this blog is for my own edification. I sigh a happy sigh and move right along.

I was very excited that other people love their Sims as much as I do. There are quite a few Sims blogs out there! I haven't spent any quality time with my Sims because I've been quite busy lately. However I'm hoping to make it up to them this weekend. Woo Hoo!

I came across a blog called "Pickle Juice" and that made me all kinds of happy. How could you not love a blog called "Pickle Juice?" It reminded me of that Christmas Party I had in '89 or '90 where I drank an entire bottle of Jose Cuervo all by myself. Oh Lord. Jose Cuervo was not a friend of mine after that. I threw up every hour on the hour beginning about 2 hours after the bottle was empty. It wasn't until I drank some Pickle Juice after noon the next day that it finally stopped. I got sick one more time and then was done. I will forever have a soft spot for Pickle Juice as a result.

Today I am thankful and grateful for Pickle Juice, Gospel Music, MTV and bubbles. What are you thankful and grateful for?

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