Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Last night, (just a few hours ago, actually) Jef was saying something along the lines of, "I see you have quit putting the thankful and grateful at the end of your blogs." Well, let it never be said that I'm not thankful and grateful for something. It never ceases to amaze me all of the great things that get thrown in my direction that I get to be a part of. Simple things, like sharing a meal with new friends.

Last night was the New Member Dinner at church. We had this amazing meal cooked by Bill Dillon and crew. I sat with my fellow new members and we talked about things ranging from how one goes from being Mormon to being in Unity, to the latest thing in ovens.

After our meal, Bill wanted us to stand up and tell a little about ourselves and how we came to be new members of the church. I was really moved by a man who basically told us that after being untrusting of others for the majority of his life, that he is starting to break down those barriers since he started coming to our church. Another man told of how he would be moved to tears at almost every service, but it wasn't that he was sad, he was just so happy! He was constantly having to explain, "I'm alright! I'm just crying for joy!"

These are things that I'm very honored to be witness to.

I had to duck out of the dinner before it was over to go to choir practice. We are working on a rather difficult song that I'm having to learn by ear. I can read music - I know how many beats in a note - I know that an A is an A, but I don't know how to make an A come out of my mouth on demand.

So Allyson and I, who both can only hear well out of one ear, jockey for seats next to our fellow altos that can make an A come out of their mouths on demand. We listen and follow along until we know how it should sound.

After working on the song for an hour or so last night, we gave it one last run through for the night. Finally, our voices blended and sounded so sweet that it gave me chills. I love those moments. My whole body vibrates with a resounding, "Yes! This is why I'm here!"

So, today I am grateful and thankful for simple pleasures and remembering to be cognizant of them. Sharing a meal, hearing a story, singing a song - wonderful things that make life so rich.


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