Tuesday, October 21, 2003

My sister has put out into the world that chickens pee through their skin. I'm sorry, I refuse to believe that chickens pee through their skin. I need to see the scientific documentation, please.

However, having owned chickens, I never saw a chicken pee, and I never saw a rooster's penis, either.

I did, however, cause coitus interuptus once with a rooster and his lady love hen by beating upon the dog house that was serving as their love den with a Sunday paper. The rooster was none too pleased with me! He chased me around the yard. Meanwhile, Mom just stood at the screen door and laughed her ass off. Finally after I had circled the yard a couple of times, Mom opened the screen door and let me in. She took great joy in relating the story to anyone that would listen for the next couple of weeks.

I forgave the rooster quickly. It took me a while to forgive Mom.


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