Friday, October 10, 2003

So I walk out the door this morning and don't have my glasses on. I can either go back and get them and be late to work, or I can live without them and be on time. I choose to be on time. Lo and behold, I enter the hallowed halls of the building I work in and the fire alarm goes off. However I get a stroke of luck when I realize the elevators haven't been turned off yet! I take the elevator down to where our office is supposed to go in an emergency and wait for my co-worker's to wander out. However, since I'm near sighted, I can't see them for nothing. Finally, a shape looks familiar to me and I come upon a friendly face. Yay! The day is saved! It was merely a drill. They've been threatening that it was going happen all week. Now they are threatening us with a drill along the lines of, "Your building has been blown up. What do you do?" I answer that I would go home and thankfully go back to bed, however that was not the answer needed. I guess we'll see soon, huh?

My co-workers thought it was weird that I was walking around the office in my prescription sunglasses. I switched up my answers to their queries from, "I don't want you to see I'm on crack, " and, "My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades." That seemed to satisfy their curiosity because my co-workers have learned to accept that I am a weird girl.

Dick Cheney is such a sunny guy. Always has something positive to say about every situation - NOT!!! I just glanced at CNN.com and the headline of the story says, "Cheney Warns "single day of horror." Nice. At least it's only one day? What else can you say to that?

It just goes to show you, you got to live everyday like it's your last. Not all willy nilly, mind you, but if today was the last day you drew breath, would you have spent it the way you wanted to? Something to ponder...

I'm so glad that Rachel and Joey couldn't get together. I want Rachel and Ross to get back together! I'm still holding out hope that it will happen...for Emma's sake!

Did you see Dr. Corday makin' nice-nice in the back seat of a car with that handsome cocky (pun intended) surgeon? Do you wish as much as I do that Carrie would take Dr. Romano's arm and beat him to death with it? Let's have a show of hands on who thinks that Abby is going run off to Africa to be with Carter and/or become a Dr. since she's putting her career in jeopardy by telling that girl she is gonna die.

God I love "Must See" TV!

Well, my Friday night plans have fallen through so I'm off to watch last night's episode of CSI that I taped and then look in on "What not to wear." Big plans, huh?

I am thankful and grateful for my glasses, the fact the building did not burn down, and that I did not run over any one or anything to and from work. What are you thankful and grateful for?

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