Saturday, October 25, 2003

So yesterday morning, I sprung up from my bed and hurried because I was running late for work. Not only did I have to do the usual, "decent enough not to make children cry" thing for work, but I had to look somewhat nice because I was going to a party after work.

I walk out the door with a completely uncombed wet head, my make up in a bag in my hand, and praying for green lights on the way to work. Surprisingly enough, I make it to work on time!

The day wears on and finally at the end of the day, I have the time to put my makeup on. When I'm done, I'm looking good and hoping there will be some handsome single men at the party to appreciate my beauty.

I'm talking to my friend Holli on the way over there and I find a place to park in front of Jef's house, turn off the engine and finish my conversation with her. I get off the phone, look up at Jef's house and the windows are dark. I call Jef's house phone - no answer. I call Jef's cell phone - still no answer. 2F's car is not in it's parking place. I stand there in the middle of the street looking up at Jef's house expecting someone to jump out an say, "Ahh, Joan, we were just jokin'!" That never happened. Finally, it dawns on me. I have my days mixed up. The frickin' party is tomorrow night!

I call all of my other friends and considering that it's 8pm on a Friday night, no one is home or answering their phone. I HAVE MAKE UP ON! I WANT TO HAVE MEN MAKE GOO-GOO EYES AT ME! I stop by the Quick Trip on the way home and get a 64 oz Beverage and a pint of B&J and go home to my felines.

Tonight I'm going back to Jef's, and believe you me, I'm calling first!


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