Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Tonight I met with my Small Group from church. We meet at Susan and Hugh's house and they are wonderful. Hugh has been out of town and got off the plane, came straight home and to our meeting that was already in progress. Hugh joined us in the den. It was so cool to see this couple who have been married for 20+ years look so happy to see each other! Susan's eyes lit up and she got up and they hugged and kissed. Not just a dry peck, but a nice moist smoochy kiss. I'm looking forward to that happening in my life!

My Mom and Dad were never very affectionate. Honestly, when I think of their relationship, I think that if they were affectionate, Mom just put up with Dad being affectionate with her. So seeing couples honestly and truly being affectionate with each other is so hopeful to me. Hopeful that there are good marriages in the world. Hopeful that I will find one of my very own. I'm certain that it will happen when it's supposed to.

Send healing thoughts to Carrie who's car was rear-ended on 285 tonight. Lorraine! We missed you tonight!

I love Spring and I love Fall. I realize that Fall is the preparation for the dormancy of winter, but it still feels like a new beginning to me. It especially did yesterday as the wind washed the grey clouds from the sky and left them crystal blue and full of diamonds.

For lunch today I went to the Chinese buffet by myself. I steal away from the office from time to time and treat myself to lunch. The waitress sat me by myself at a table for six. She did the same to another lady and 2 men. All four of us were sitting at our own table for six. I kept thinking to myself, "I wonder what we would say to each other if we all had to sit with each other?"

The man at the table in front of me was intent on eating and eating only. He did not once look up from his plate. The man to the right was staring out the window contemplating something. Male pattern baldness? World Peace? Would he get laid tonight? The theory of relativity? The woman across from me was reading a catalog. She occasionally glanced toward me - the woman staring out the window who was thinking about everyone else and what they were thinking.

I love sitting at the airport and watching all the different people go by in the concourse or sitting in the waiting areas. It's interesting to catch snippets of conversation, and surreptitiously look at people and wonder what their lives are like. Who do they love? What do they hate? Do they like peas and carrots? Who are they meeting at their destination? Do they prefer Coke or Pepsi? You know - the important things in life.

Today I am thankful for the time to wonder about "stuff," cool fall days with skies as clear as a bell, Corny jokes told at work, the fact Jonathan wasn't on the Staten Island Ferry, and being witness to hugs and kisses between couples that obviously love each other. What are you thankful for?

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