Saturday, November 22, 2003


How I love Saturday's with no plans. Lately they have not been coming very often which is both good and bad. Good because I'm staying busy. Bad because I'm staying busy.

I've been hanging out with Fred and Shelby and doing my best cat impression. Sleeping. Staring. Sleeping. Eating. Sleeping. Using my litter box. Sleeping. Watching TV. Sleeping. I have not resorted to giving myself a tongue bath, though. Rest assured.

Last night Jef, 2F, Sandra, Paula, Karen and myself went to see the IMAX movie about the Shakleton expedition. Oh my goodness! This is truly an amazing story of human endurance. If you have the opportunity to see this show, I highly recommend it. If you react to it anything like I did, you will be awed.

Send healthy thoughts to Jeanette who's was home with the flu all last week. Jeanette! I hope you get well before Turkey Day!

Send healthy thoughts to my little Shelby, too. I don't think she's sick, but she's not her cute annoying self. I'm wondering if her feelings got hurt when I slathered so much attention on Fredalicious when she had her abscess and then left to go to NYC. Poor little thing.

Why won't MTV play more videos? Why do have to be awake at 3 or 4am to be able to see more than one video in a row? Whatever happened to Video Jukebox. Remember that station? You called in and requested videos by a 3 digit number and then waited for hours on end for it to play. At least you saw other videos waiting for your video to play.

Jonathan and I were reminiscing last weekend about how when were sophomores, which would have been around 1983, we would go to Shauna's house and watch MTV. She was one of the first of our group to get MTV. It was very cool to not have to wait until NBC's Friday Night Videos came on, or USA's "Up All Night" to come on to see videos.

Then, the summer between our sophomore and junior year, Mechelle and I went to Port Aransas with my Mom and stayed in a condo. They didn't have MTV, but we did stay up to watch "Up All Night" and we saw Bonnie Tyler's video for "Total Eclipse of the Heart." That was the song of the summer for me. Overly dramatic video, but it was cool.

Memories...Light the corners of my mind...Misty water colored memories...Of the way we were...(another overly dramatic song)

What memories do you have of 1983, or videos, or both?


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