Monday, November 17, 2003

I woke up in a city that never sleeps!

Yes! I went to NYC! It was a lot of fun! I got to see one of my all time bestest friends in the whole friggin' world, Jonathan and that was the best part of all.

However, Saturday in the Park (it wasn't the 4th of July) was splendiferous! The sky was blue and it was a crisp fall day as we walked around. I felt like Woody Allen! No, that 's not to say that I wanted to marry my daughter, but as Jonathan and I walked down the "Literary Walk" and a man was playing saxophone nearby, I felt like I could have been in a Woody Allen movie.

We went and saw Strawberry Fields and someone had decorated it for the holidays. I thought that was kinda strange, but someone obviously felt strongly about doing that, and I say, more power to them! We walked by The Dakota on Central Park West. We attempted to go to the Museum of History, but it was packed.

We caught a cab down to FAO Schwartz and I gave into my Barbie fetish and went and checked out their Barbie section. We walked through the Plaza and saw that it was only $35.00 for High Tea and $29.00 for not-so-high tea.

We went back to the apartment and hooked up with Jonathan's friend Greg and went to Tony di Napoli's for dinner. Soooo good!!! From there we had a very tense cab ride to Times Square to make our show. Jonathan surprised me with Broadway tickets and I didn't know until we were there that we were seeing "Gypsy" with Ms. Bernadette Peters! It was really really good! Afterward we went to the Marriott Marquis and had cocktails in their lounge. I had a Broadway Blizzard and Jonathan was impressed that I wasn't self conscious about ordering it.

Sunday we slowly got up and made our way to the Staten Island Ferry to see Lady Liberty. She was very pretty but much smaller than I imagined. We then went back to Times Square and walked around during the day time. Jonathan enjoyed watching the illegal vendors who carry their fake Gucci purses around in a king sized sheet so that they can snatch them up and run when the police come around.

After that, we made our way back to Jonathan's 4 story walk up and just hung out eating pizza and Ben & Jerry's ice cream while watching movies. It was very nice!

This morning I was up at 4:30am. Geez! I was in a car driving toward La Guardia at 5:30am for my 6:50am flight to Cleveland. I got to Cleveland just in time to make my connecting flight to ATL. I landed at 11am, ran by the house to change clothes and eat lunch and was at work by 1pm. Whew!

All in all, a wonderful time was had. Thank you, Jonathan for being so generous with your time, your space and your money! I had such a great time!


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