Sunday, November 09, 2003

Today was another great day. Went to church and sang with the choir. Heard a talk by a Taoist Monk named Master Chen. His main message was something we all know but some of us have a hard time heeding: Be kind to yourself and then you can be kind to others. This is the source of true happiness. Very cool, indeed!

I went to lunch with Merrideth, Bran and Joanne. We had a great time talking and eating. Then Merrideth and I sent Bran and Joanne on their way and we went to Garden Ridge. Merrideth got all kinds of excited about candles, and I FINALLY found a bed-in-a-bag that I like! YAY! We then bought and put on vampire fangs while we checked out. I think it gave us an edge when they tried to dispute a price. Who wants to dispute with a woman with fangs?

Merrideth and I had a nice talk while sitting in the Garden Ridge snack bar enjoying a Jumbo Beverage and a Cinnamon Apple Pretzel. (Celebrate the moments of your life...)

Back to Merrideth's house where I finally met the Wee-ners, Wolfgang and So-pee-uh. They are very cute and very cuddly. Merrideth twittered about the house lighting candles and making her bed and I enjoyed her very comfy couch and the company of a little wee-ner dog named Wolfgang.

Now I'm home and have put my new sheets from my new bed-in-a-bag in the washer and I'm listening to Norah Jones and Dido. What a lovely ending to a wonderful day!

Fred continues to be on the mend. She's trying very hard to understand that the collar is for her own good, but still makes me feel very guilty when I put it on her. That is the plight of a good kitty momma, I guess!

Today I am closer than I've ever been to being who I really am.


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