Thursday, December 25, 2003

Christmas on the beach in Ft. Myers!

I woke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. In my semi-conscious state, I kept waiting to smell the lighting of the first cigarette of the day and the first bout of coughing up a lung. These are the reassuring smells and sounds of my childhood. However, I was not at Linda Murray's house, but the home of her daughter, Marti. Marti does not smoke Salem 100's and although was coughing a lot, it was not due to years of smoking, but because she has a cold.

Marti and I sat on the back porch (or Lanai as they call it in these here parts) and listened to and watched the birds. Marti has a nifty set up where she has a TV on her back porch, so we also got to comment on how thankful we are that Matt Lauer is growing his hair back.

Slowly but surely, Eric and John also awoke and we all migrated to the living room and commenced staring at the TV in unison. I don't even remember what we were watching.

Finally, we commenced to opening gifts. Marti Claus got me a cute little bag, a picture frame, and my very own bag of M&M's! (THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MARTI CLAUS!) Eric got a sketch book and an Asian cookbook from his Mom and a Best Buy gift certificate from Auntie Claus. John got a shirt from Marti and a Movie pass from Joanie Claus. Marti got a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret from Seaster Claus and a gift certificate to her favorite online photography place from her step mom and her husband. All in all, a very nice haul for all of us!

We sat and stared at the TV some more while John whipped up some yummy ham and cheese omelets. Finally, we all began the ritual cleansing of the bod. (Individually, of course!)

Marti and I are still sick, and John is oozing something, so off to Eckerd's we went for drugs and gauze! Woo Hoo!

Then, Marti, Eric and I went to Ft. Myers Beach. It was about 60 degrees. Eric went walking for a couple of miles, and Marti and I sat and watched the waves and talked. When Eric finally came back, we watched the beautiful sunset and took turns taking each others pictures. I hope they turn out! We all agreed that hanging out by the ocean was a great way to end a Christmas Day.

Back to the house we came to stuff our faces, (something about ocean air makes you extra hungry!) and watch "The Ring." I slept through most of it, and was disturbed by what I was conscious for.

Despite Marti and I being sick and John oozing, I think we had a nice day. I was with the 2 people I love most in the world, and that was all that mattered to me.

Thank you, God, for this day and all the blessings it contained. I am truly grateful and appreciative!

I love you all, whoever you may be! :-)


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