Monday, December 22, 2003

I went a week without blogging?!!?

Apparently I did. Wow! That hasn't happened for as long as I've been blogging. How weird it is not share my every random thought with you! OK...maybe I haven't shared my every random thought, but pert near!

The barking dog has stopped and I haven't heard the girls upstairs doin' it for since the last time I shared with you about that. I know y'all were waiting with baded breath to know that.

I've been working my ass off all week. I worked 13 hours on Thursday and 10 on Friday, but I think I left work pretty decent. I still think it's going to be horrendous when I get back, but I'm choosing not to think about that until Monday, 12/29/03 at approximately 8am.

Yesterday (Saturday) I did my best cat impression. I think I was more of a cat than the cats were. If I was awake for an hour, I was asleep for two.

Today I got up at was out of the house by 10:30am and didn't get home until 11:30pm. I went to church and then to lunch with Jef, Bran, Merrideth, BJ and Karen. We went to our favorite PF Chang's and pigged out. I has some wonderful gifts bestowed upon me. Bran gave me a copy of the new Britney Spears CD, Jef gave me the new Dido and the new Sarah McLachlan CD, and Merrideth gave me an Iyanla Van Zant book. How cool was that?

Then I went over to Lou and Ginia's and they gave me a boxed set of the first 4 Harry Potter books! YAY! We sat and caught up and it was really nice and comfortable to hang out with them.

Off to the airport I went to pick up my beloved nephew Eric. We went by Jef's for some cocoa and a monitor. (Thanks again, Jef!) Eric and I then went to Wal Mart and stood in line for 8654 hours. Finally we made it home safe and sound.

Well, it is late and I'm tired, so I will blog more at a later date and time. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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