Saturday, December 27, 2003

It was our last day together...

...and Marti and I still felt like ca-ca. Oh well. We are both very resilient, and given time, were able to move around enough for us to leave the house. Poor Martizzle (Her new name) had to go into work. What a jip! Every other office in her company was closed. All of her management was out of the office, and yet the worker bees in Ft. Myers still had to show up. Luckily Martizzle will soon no longer have to be with this office. YAY!

Anyway, finally at about 4, Martizzle had taken about 8 cat naps (because she'd just get to sleep and something or someone would wake her up) and I had finally made it through the shower, so off we go with John at the wheel of my car. (Must have been the drugs)

We went to the Shrimp Shack for dinner and sat on the patio. It was very yummy and very nice. (THANK YOU, MARTIZZLE!)

We then proceeded to go play putt-putt with live alligators. I didn't realize that alligators could play putt-putt, what with the lack of an oposable thumb thing working against them. However, it turns out that they just put these small alligators in a pool. The most disturbing part was that the color of the water was one that is not found in nature. Let me put it this way: I kept expecting the Ti-D-Bol man to come up in his jaunty salior hat in his little boat.

Anyway, let it suffice to say that I suck at putt-putt. I would like to blame the fact that I haven't played in well over 10 years, or that because of being sick, my equilibrium is off, and I think those things factor in. However, I think the bare bones of the situation is that I suck. I'm not upset by that. Putt-putting is not a skill that I will use that much, so I accept my mantle of "Sucky Putt-putt player" with grace.

After a rousing game of putt-putt (compliments of John. THANK YOU, JOHN!) I treated us all to a Big Gulp. Big spender, aren't I? From there we wandered aimlessly until we came upon a Wal Mart and Erizzle (his new name) and Martizzle ran in to get various items. Meanwhile John and I sat in the car discussing the finer points of the blues.

We left there (all agreeing heartily that John should never drive my car again) and headed home to watch "Pirates of the Carribean." It was very cool and I'm again amazed at how yummy young Orlando Bloom is.

Tomorrow Erizzle and I head back to the frozen tundra of Atlanta. Ok...so it's not frozen, but it's a hell of a lot colder there than it is here! Sunday Erizzle will head home Dallas. I wish we didn't live so far apart! Being able to see my nephew only once a year really bites. Being able to see my sister 3-4 times a year is great, but I'm greedy and I want to be able to see both of them frequently. However, the time we are together is great and I'm thankful for that.

Our dream is that one of us will win the lottery and we will build houses next door to each other and have an undergroud tunnel that connects all of the houses. In addition, we will have a private jet, so we can visit NYC, Texas and all of our other favorite places whenever we want. Martizzle can pursue her photography, Erizzle can pursue his art and I can pursue my volunteer work. Will it ever happen? Who knows? But it's fun to dream.

Take time to love and appreciate your family. I love you, Martizzle! I love you, Erizzle!



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