Friday, December 05, 2003


...if you haven't already done so. I've only gotten 3 people so far and it would be really cool to see where everyone is from. Push the left button underneath my archive links to do this. Thank you!

I feel like I'm still recovering from my Thanksgiving trip. Driving like that can take a lot out of a person, even if you are sitting the whole way. It didn't help any that when I almost got to sleep, Andi and/or Jef decided that I needed to be woken up for some reason or another. Oh well. I know they love me even if they are trying to kill me by depriving me of sleep. ;-)

Shelby is back to her old self again. I don't know if she is afraid I'll leave again, or if spending time with Audra did it, but she's back to her annoyingly cute self.

Fred has been "Velcro Kitty" since I've gotten home. She can't not be on me or touching me in some form.

Send your "break a leg" thoughts to my choir who is doing the Christmas Show tonight and tomorrow night at church. I had to back out of being a part of it due to spending more time at work. I wasn't pleased with that, but I figured I needed to concentrate on keeping my job.

I am not feeling especially bloggerlicious today, so rather than blather on about nothing, I'll end for now. I hope you and yours are doing well and staying warm!

Ciao for now!


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