Tuesday, December 02, 2003

WOW! Long time, no blog!

I've been a busy girl. I've been working to get ready for Thanksgiving vacation and then having my Thanksgiving vacation.

Jef and I drove from ATL to DFW. The drive there was pretty decent. We got caught up in some traffic between Tyler and Longview, TX, but other than that, we breezed along at 5 mph above the speed limit.

We went to Holli and Keva's house in time to catch the last of their lovely meal and their lovely friends. Since I had only gotten 2 hrs sleep the night before, I was deliriously sleepy and not very good company.

I then dropped Jef at his house and made my way to Andi and Guy's house. I was met by a cacophony of barking from the 3 adult and 3 baby Schnauzer's. Oh my but they are shrill little beings!

Thanksgiving was very nice with the immediate family coming to the house for a late lunch. Andi did a very fine job on the food.

Thanksgiving night I hung out with Dad's wife, Joanna. We had a nice visit and some pie. I saw some pictures of my Dad when he was still healthy, and that was kind of weird. Makes you wish you could erase the pictures in your head of when he was sick.

Friday, Andi and I got up and went to Best Buy THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING!!! What was I thinking??? I was lured by the siren song of $7.99 CDs. I stood in line for $7.99 CDs for over an hour. The advertising mavens for Best Buy succeeded in suckering me in. After that, it was off to Garden Ridge and it was not too bad of a crowd at all, THANK GOD! We had a lovely lunch at Quizmo's, wandered through Ulta and headed toward home. We treated ourselves to a DQ dipped cone and I asked the lady for "Lots and lots of napkins." She gave us TWO WHOLE NAPKINS! I think there is some sort of ration going on with DQ napkins that we didn't know about. It must have something to do with national - nay - INTERNATIONAL security!!! HEAVEN FORBID we had gotten more than what we got. It would have been so wasteful and would have brought our government to it's knees!

That evening found Andi, Guy and I enjoying some lovely fajitas. Mmmm....very yummy! Later we watched "28 Days" and all agreed we were just whelmed by the movie.

Saturday we went to see "Love Actually" and it was very good. The character named Carl was eye candy deluxe. If I got the chance to make nice-nice with him, I would not answer my cell phone!

Sunday Andi and I were pulling away from her Casa at 6:30am. We hooked up with Jef and were driving out of town toward ATl at about 7:30am. We breezed along with no problems until we were about 50 miles west of Birmingham, AL. Then the traffic went to hell in a handbasket! (as we say here in the South.) All in all we made decent time for stopping several times for gas, lunch and dinner and hitting the nasty traffic. We dropped Jef at his house at about midnight.

Today Andi and I got up rather slowly, had lunch, and then drove up to see my Dad's headstone. It's been over a year since he died, but it's still kind of surreal to see his name on a headstone.

We went to see this flick called "Gothika." (yes, we see a lot of movies) It was actually pretty decent. Not the best suspense movie I've seen, but not the worst either. Andi loved the movie

Tomorrow I have to go back to work. I'm sitting right on the fence between looking forward to it and dreading it. Oh well...Christmas is not that far away!

Big Thanks to my lovely and beautiful friend Audra for watching over my furry babies while I was gone! :-)

I am thankful for my family, friends, Fredalicious and Shelby Cat and my lovely little Honda, Betty. What are thankful for?


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