Sunday, January 04, 2004

Fred is passed out on the floor...

...however that is her usual condition as she sleeps 20 hours a day. In my next life, I want to be a house cat!

This weekend was very nice. My main goal was to finally get over being sick. I think I've succeeded! I feel somewhat perky now. I don't think I've felt perky in quite some time. At least since before Thanksgiving.

I watched "A Mighty Wind" this weekend. It was great. I love just about anything Christopher Guest and his group do. However I must agree with J that "Best in Show" is my favorite.

I also watched "Bend It Like Beckham." That was a very cute movie! It took me forever to realize that the main character is now on ER. I kept looking at her and saying, "Where have I seen her!??!"

Today I went to church. God, I love my church! The people there are so great and I just love Rev. John. I always feel so comfortable there. Not to mention the fact that I leave there feeling better about the next week.

Today during church I witnessed a young boy who lost a tooth. He left the sanctuary and came back with it in a paper towel. He was so proud. His mother quietly showed his sister, and then they went back to paying attention to the service.

After the service I rode with this family in the van down to the satellite parking. I said, "I saw that you lost a tooth during the service today!" The little boy beamed brightly, "Yes I did! How did you know?" "I saw you when you showed your Mom!" His little sister didn't want to be left out so she very proudly said, "I have one that's about to come out! I tried to pull on it, but it wouldn't come out during the service!" Her mother quietly told her it would come out when it was ready and not before. It was so cute!

After church, J, J and I met R and Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. It had been a while since I had seen R and it was good to see him. He is about to journey to South America. (?) He is most excited about all of the cool pockets in his new shirt and the fact his new pants are also shorts! He was so cute!

J gave me a beautiful gift. It was a little box that she hand painted with some wine glass thingys that you put on your glass so you can tell it from someone else's. I know they have a formal name, but for the life of me, I can't think of what it is right now! It was totally unexpected and very appreciated. (THANK YOU, J!)

Please send your healthy thoughts to my friend C who is facing some potential health challenges. She is having a test on Monday. Please pray that everything is benign.

Well, I think a nice shower is going to be the way to end this very nice weekend. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Mucho Grande Amor!



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