Thursday, January 01, 2004


New Year's Eve was pretty low key. However, that was OK.

I worked until 6:30pm, ran home and packed an overnight bag, and headed to the airport to pick J up. We went from there to church for the "Burning Bowl" service. Man, were we surprised at the crowd! It was an Easter Sunday or Mother's Day crowd!

As we entered the church, we were given a piece of what looked like tissue paper, a regular piece of paper and an envelope. We were instructed to write what we wanted to release from our lives on the tissue paper (which was actually "flash" paper) We then went forward to a bowl with a flame in it and watched our "flash" paper flash into nothingness. It was pretty amazing how quickly it was gone!

After that was done, we were told to write a letter to God advising what we'd like to see happen in 2004. When we finished, we addressed envelopes to ourselves and next November, the church will mail the letters back to us to see what became of our desires that we wrote down. Pretty cool, huh?

By then it was 9:00pm and J and I had not eaten anything since lunch time. We were both ravenous and went in quest of food. We ended up at this place called "Max and Erma's" and it was very tasty. We both agreed that we were so hungry that we ate too much.

We then headed back to J's house and proceeded to just relax and watch some DVDs of French and Saunders that he got for Christmas. I conked out early and by 1, J was waking me up to go downstairs to bed.

Today has been very very low key. I left J's by 1 and headed home. I stopped and got some Taco Bell for lunch, I came home, ate my lunch and feel asleep on the couch. I'm so stressed out....NOT! It's been a very nice day.

Luckily I just have to work tomorrow and then I have Saturday and Sunday off! YAY!

CONGRATULATIONS to L on getting the job and all the perks she asked for! YAY! I hope this turns out to be a stellar year for you, L & G! I know the last couple were kinda lean.

Here's to everyone having the kind of year they wish for in 2004!


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