Thursday, January 15, 2004

I am eliminating celibacy from my life!!!

Tonight I met with my Creative Visualization group and we talked about many things. We talked about goals we accomplished from last year, goals we want to accomplish for this year, and any unfinished business, which is a tidy way of saying, things we didn't do last year that we are putting on this year's list.

We also completed a list of "Things I Want To Eliminate From My Life." The two most important things that I want to eliminate from my life is celibacy and the necessity to continue working for my current employer. We then marched out to the chimenera and set our list on FIRE! It was COOL! My inner Beavis wanted to come out and play! Wish me luck that I am able to eliminate these things from my life!

S was talking about how she has gotten fed up with ER and decided it's not an efficient use of her time and therefore does not watch it anymore. What got her ire up, you ask? Well, if you've been watching ER, you'll remember that Carter went back to Africa to find Luka and then ended up staying there. While he was there, he met another medical professional, they hooked up and lo and behold they got pregnant.

S's problem with this was: What the hell was Carter and this other medical professional doing in Africa (world leader of AIDS cases) having unprotected sex? THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER, DAMN IT!

She was also ticked off that they didn't seem to be following Weaver's relationship with her girlfriend. Stupid Carter, no lesbian action, and S has washed her hands of ER.

Wouldn't you know it? Tonight Weaver and her girlfriend have their baby! There were touching vulnerable moments with Weaver being scared for her baby and letting Abby do a spinal tap. Rest assured, the moment the commercial came on, I called S & P and told S she may have to start watching ER again! Lesbian action is back!

One more day until the 3 day weekend....YAY!




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