Friday, January 30, 2004

I got nothin'

So I've been waiting for some epiphany of cleverness to hit me so that I could give you, gentle reader, some blogging goodness. At this point in time, all I can do is quote my friend, G, "I got nothin'."

(DISCLAIMER: Actually, that's not really G's personal quote. He stole it from the tall guy on "Who's line is it anyway?" and "The Drew Carey Show.")

Natalie at Pickle Juice claims to have a link to a picture of Betty White "au naturel" on her blog. I showed it to my sister who in turn showed it to her friend K, and K says that's not Betty. I asked my sister to ask K if she's seen Betty nekkid before. K says she has. Hmmm....I think K is showing us a side of herself we've never seen...

This alleged Betty-looking person has small pointy breast. If I had to choose, I would not choose to have small pointy breast. I like my breast round and actual sized. However God saw fit to give me round and humongous. Even if I were thin, they would be round and humongous. Oy vey!

My sister has moved to the current world headquarters of "Mullet wear-ers of America." I told her that if she makes friend with an unmarried woman in a mullet, to not invite her to sleep in her bed unless she wants to do some lesbian experimentation.

Alrighty...I'm going to end this politically incorrect blog right now before I get an email from the ACLU....


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