Saturday, January 10, 2004

If Saturday were a person, I would ask it to marry me...

I love Saturdays! They are so wonderful! The ability to sleep in and make plans or not make plans! I just love it!

Today was really nice. I went over to L & G's house and we went to get some lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. All the while we are there, we are cautioning each other not to eat too many carbs (because it would make us sleepy) and not drink too much (because it would make us pee). This was because we were off to finally see LOTR!

We went to the theatre at Discover Mills and it was really nice. I promptly got comfortable and even though I was enjoying the movie, kept trying to nod off. I finally got up and got me a vat of Diet Coke and stayed awake the rest of the movie.

The movie was really good! It got 6 thumbs up from the 3 of us. I thought it did a really nice job of tying all of the story lines up in a nice little bow. Granted, they may not have ended the way the books did, but G & I agreed that was just fine with us.

I was a big copy cat of Pickle Juice and did a Friend Test. Congratulations to H who is the highest scorer so far (besides me)! If you care to try the test, click here. By the way, the highest score you can get is 90 on my test.

Well, I am off to do some chores and compare the Dido CD's at the request of G. Have a great weekend!


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