Sunday, January 18, 2004

Take a moment to think...

...what it would be like if you were looking at the possibility that your mate would be forced to leave you for a minimum of 3 years. Pretty harrowing, huh?

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know I love a blog called "Pickle Juice." Natalie, who is the author of the blog, is married to Andy. Andy is English and if things do not improve soon for their family, Andy could potentially be deported. Andy and Natalie are raising 3 kids. Can you imagine what it would be like to suddenly have your Dad taken away?

Natalie has a pay pal account that you can link via her blog. If you have some extra bucks to help their family, it would be appreciated more than can be expressed.

If you can't help financially, (and even if you can) I hope you'll consider helping spiritually. Send this family your positive thoughts and prayers. Natalie and Andy WILL get jobs. Their family WILL NOT be separated.


So last night was our company's holiday party. It was a real hoity toity affair at the the Atlanta Hilton in Downtown Atlanta. My sister was supposed to join me, but in the interim went and got herself transferred to another state and had to pack this weekend! So I asked another redhead to join me!

M & I had a blast! We got all dressed up in the hotel room and went downstairs to join the festivities. M was absolutely amazed at the amount of food. We had lots of wine and lots of food! It was great!

We went to check out the Karaoke room and since I had quite a few glasses of liquid confidence, I decided to sing. Wouldn't you know it? About 10 of my immediate co-workers showed up and when I told them I was singing, they hung out and supported me. It was great! I sang Bonnie Raitt's, "I can't make you love me." It went over really well and I had a good time!

In one of the other ballroom's, this party band was playing. They were really, really good. They had people up and dancing and singing all night long. There was one lady in particular that was just amazing! Her name is Alfreda Gerald. She had a voice to die for and was workin' the crowd like nobody's business. M insisted that we go talk to her after their set, and it turns out that she tours with Yanni! She is a really sweet spirit and an amazing lady. I think we should be looking out for her to release something of her own any day now.

By the end of the party, M & I were exhausted, but happy. I got the luxury of staying at the hotel, but unfortunately M has wiener dogs and had to go home to tend to them. A good time was had by all!

I woke up this morning and I was sore. I didn't think I shook my groove thang that hard, but I guess I did! I still managed to make it up and to church. However now, a nap is sounding very very very good. I think I will partake of such right now...

Have a good rest of the weekend!


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