Monday, February 16, 2004

I got out of town for the weekend...

My sister and I had been talking about it for a little while and on Friday afternoon, when we both did not have plans for the weekend, my sister volunteered to give me some gas money if I drove up to visit her. I jumped at the chance to spend time with my sister and get the hell out of Dodge. (aka ATL)

I drove up Friday night and was on the phone the majority of the way. I called almost everyone in my cell phone's address book because I find driving is the perfect time to catch up with friends. Don't worry, I had my headset on! The majority of the people that I called were not at their phones, but I really enjoyed the people who I did talk to.

I got my directions from Microsoft's Maps and Streets 2002. Everything was really good with the directions until the last approximately 10 miles. I was driving through this residential area and was being instructed to get on Old Lexington Rd and go 3.2 Miles and then go 3.0 miles on Lexington Rd. I got so confused that I turned around and was headed back to the last place where I knew definitely where I was. I pulled over to the side of the road and was squinting at my directions when a Sheriff's deputy pulled up beside me.

Me: (as the window is rolling down) I'm lost!

Officer: (Laughing) Yes, you are!

He was a very nice man and told me that Old Lexington and Lexington were the same road and gave me more precise directions to the turn off to my sister's street. I turned back with renewed determination, and drove right up to my sister's house.

Saturday we woke up, got dressed and headed for Greensboro, NC. Marti was in quest of thigh high hose. We were on a mission. We went to the mall and Marti found some at Victoria's Secret. We split a "Special Combo" at the Chinese place in the Food Court and walked around a bit. Every damn body and there dog was there. It seems everyone put their Valentine shopping off until the last minute!

Off to Target we go where we find some more thigh high hose and stockings and a garter belt. Marti throws them into the basket so she can try on and see which is best. While we were in Lingerie, I spotted some '70's inspired thong underwear. They were orange and pink and yellow and too groovy! Marti threw those in the basket, too. She hasn't really enjoyed thong undies in the past, but they were cute. What we women will go through just because something is cute!

Now, my sister is artsy in a very visual way. She's a photographer and an artist. She takes great pains to decorate her home to be very visually appealing. I, on the other hand, enjoy and appreciate art in it's many forms, but usually only as a spectator.

So, Marti and I are standing on the shower curtain aisle at Target. I'm already out of my element. You want to hang something more than the plastic liner up? Wow! There's a concept! Marti is trying to explain to me her plan for her bathroom (the one attached to her bedroom) and the guest bath and we are trying to find shower curtains for both. I point at all the things I like which is bright and bold. "That's very Joan-like," she responds, "but that doesn't go with the living room and I want the bathroom and the living room to match." Then I began to get the different themes of the different bathrooms mixed up and, let it suffice to say, I was no good in helping Marti out with her bathrooms. However, she now has a very good idea of what I would want in my bathrooms should I win the lottery and actually decorate mine. I felt like such a "guy."

I did however find a t-shirt that they had in the Valentine section that, if I had a man in my life, I would have bought. It said, "I may not be too smart, but I can lift heavy things!" That made me giggle.

After Target, Marti wanted to go to this place called "Priscilla's" I knew it was going to be an interesting visit because the huge sign that said, "NO ONE ADMITTED UNDER 18 YEARS OLD." Oh Lord...

Don't get me wrong - I've been to sex shops in my life. I've gone with friends and I've gone by myself, but NEVER WITH MY SISTER! You could tell it was Valentine's Day because the place was packed! I was trying to be cool - I walked around and looked at all of the merchandise. Marti pointed out a couple of "things" that were interesting to her. My head was screaming, "THIS IS INFO I SHOULDN'T KNOW!" but on the outside I was smiling and nodding. We got separated in the crowd and I wandered up front and tried to find something to focus on other than I was with my sister in a sex shop. I settled on studying lube and watching a young man study lube. Alas, my sister emerged from the crowd with a couple of items to purchase, she checked out and we left.

As we walked back to her truck, she looked back at me and asked me what the look was on my face. Not being able to hold it back any longer, I blurted out, "I don't think I should be in a place like that with my sister!!!" She responded by saying, "We spent the whole day shopping for lingerie and you even picked out my thongs and you had a problem with this?" Sheepishly, I said, "Yeah..." We couldn't help but laugh. I'm usually the one who "coaxes" people, kicking and screaming, into places like that and here I had a problem with being there with my sister. Go figure! I'm sure it will be less traumatic next time. However I'm OK if next time doesn't come any time soon!

After we got back to her house that evening, we had dinner and she surfed the net while I channel surfed. Both of us were doing things we would have been doing if the other person wasn't there, but it was just a lot more fun doing these things together. She was patient with my going back and forth between SNL and John Mayer on Austin City Limits, and, after the day we had, I asked no questions about where she was surfing on the net. (tee hee hee!)

Sunday Marti let me sleep in and then fixed breakfast. We were getting cleaned up to go to a movie when we made the mistake of turning on the Weather Channel. They were predicting sleet, freezing rain and snow and then 3-5 inches of snow overnight. There was a heated debate between the responsible part of my brain that knew I needed to get out of there before the weather got bad, and the other part that said, "So what? Stay and play with your Sissy!" Begrudingly, I listened to the responsible part of my brain. However I did stick out my lower lip and whine, "It really sucks being an adult and having to deal with pesky consequences!"

I tried to call people again on the way home. The one person I really wanted to talk to was not available. Hopefully she'll call me back.

I love my sister. She is one of the absolute best people in the whole wide world. I am so thankful that she lives closer to me now (5 hrs vs. 10 hrs) but I wish she lived even closer.

Have a great week everybody! Call your sister and tell her your love her!


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