Saturday, February 28, 2004

OK...I've kept my mouth shut for too long...

...I can't continue without saying something about it! Do you know the chocolate milk ads? The ones where the little girl is on a pogo stick with chocolate milk in her backpack while her brothers wait patiently, or the one where the guy packs some chocolate milk in dry ice and mails it to himself, or the one where the guy intentionally defaces a bar code so that the woman scanning it will scan it over and over again...Those ads?

IS THIS NOT THE EPITOME OF LAZINESS? OH. MY. GOD. Every time I see one of those ads I'm just amazed. However as I write this, I realize that I've fallen into their trap by talking about the ads. Rascally advertising bastards!!!

One of my all time best friends is in advertising. He's a copywriter at a very prestigious NYC ad agency. When my Mother found out when we were younger, that J was going into advertising, she was so disappointed. She put advertising folks on the same level as car salesmen. When Mom told J this, he had the perfect comeback. He said, "Ms. M, I'm not going to be the 'Larry Tate' kind of ad guy, I'm going to be a 'Darren Stevens' kind of ad guy." That seemed to satisfy Mom. She never said another word about it.

Today was a glorious day! After all the rain and the dusting of snow we had, it was so nice to walk outside to a "clear as a bell" sunshiny day! I got in my car and I had it on WCLK - Clark Atlanta University Radio Station. They play jazz all the time. I really love listening to this station. This afternoon's show was Afro-Cuban jazz. MAN! That's some stuff that can make you dance! I was doing some serious booty shakin' salsa in my car as I was driving! It was wonderful!

Now, I know she's not African, nor Cuban, but whenever I listen to that type of music, I always picture myself as Rita Moreno. I'm not sure what her exact heritage is, but Rita Moreno is one of the most beautiful Hispanic women I've ever seen. Especially in "West Side Story." I loved the movie. It saddened me that they could not find a Hispanic woman to play Maria. Instead they dyed Natalie Wood's hair, put dark make up on her and she lip synched to another woman's singing. Nothing against Natalie. I love her work as well, but why have a white woman play a Hispanic woman? Ahh...but it was the times, wasn't it?

Man...my thoughts are all over the place today, aren't they? Well, I think me and my thoughts will close for now. I hope that wherever you are it's a glorious day, if only in your mind's eye.


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