Saturday, February 07, 2004

Random thoughts out of nowhere...

I went to see "Big Fish" this afternoon. I really shouldn't have spent the money, but I justified it by the fact that I've been cooped up in this house. Yes, I know, not a good excuse, but...

I really enjoyed the movie. Very melancholy, but in a hopeful way. My sister got paid a compliment after she saw the movie with a friend. The friend told her that the Ewan Mc Gregor character reminded her of my sister because she's always going places and trying new things.

I was thinking that there have been times when I've told stories of my growing up and people have thought I was embellishing my stories. Honestly, I never was! Truth is stranger than fiction!

I noticed something after the movie. Everyone is in such a hurry to get out of the theatre after the show. I am not one of them. So about 1 minute after the movie was over, there was about 4 couples, all of which were over 50, and me left sitting in the theatre. I wanted to hear the song that was playing because it was nominated for a Golden Globe. When the song was over, the credits were still rolling and I slowly made my way toward the exit. The 4 couples were still sitting staring at the screen. I wondered what they were thinking about. Were they really that interested in knowing who Ms. Lange's make up artist was or who the gaffer was? ("Betty, that was some fine gaffing - let's stay and see who it was! Bill! Look it was George Smith, just like you said! You sure do know your gaffers, honey!")

I left the theatre with the 4 couples sitting there and went to the restroom. I got on the elevator to the parking garage with the couple that I recognized as sitting in front of me. I started to ask them what they were looking for when they were watching the credits so intently, but decided that this could remain a mystery.

I wandered over to "Borders Books." I love getting an armful of magazines that I would never buy and sitting and reading them. For me this usually includes, People, In Style, Barbie Bazaar and a couple of interesting looking music magazines.

I settled into a comfy chair and began my perusing. I noticed out of the corner of my eye a group of kids that were not old enough to drive, but old enough to be dropped off at the movie theatre and bookstore. There were 2 guys and 3 girls. They were sooo cute! They were all flirty with each other and a little too loud and had absolutely no interest in anything in that store but each other.

They were sitting in the same grouping of chairs that I was in and there was the ever important ritual of the boy stealing something of one of the girls. I think it was a barrette. I saw something whiz by my head when it got thrown away from the girl. About 10 minutes later I got up to leave and one of the boys said, (somewhat sarcastically, but somewhat sincerely) "Ma'am, did we disturb you?" I replied with a smile, "No! Not at all!" It was so funny because you could tell by the look on his face that he was not expecting that answer at all.

I walked outside into the cold air and saw the beautiful full moon. There were a few wisp of clouds that were gliding in front of it. It was just gorgeous.

I have had this quote that I found out so I can see it this week. It reads, "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." (Albert Camus) Pretty cool, huh?


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