Sunday, March 07, 2004

Not trying to harp on the subject...

...but DAMN! The weather has been SO nice!

Yesterday I met a friend and her kid for lunch. Traffic was not the best, but I wasn't going to let it bother me. I just figured, I'll get there when I get there. When I did finally get there, we sat on the patio of the establishment. There were good tunes playing in the background and an all around good vibe going on.

Afterward we went to Barnes and Noble and looked around there. We had originally planned to go to the park, but my friend had fallen out of the mood to go. I still wanted to go so off I went. Once again, traffic was not the best. However, I had no place to be at any certain time. I just rolled down my windows, cranked the tunes and motored along. I got to the park and there weren't any parking places that were closer than a mile, so I just enjoyed a day of driving around and singing in my car. It was very nice.

Today I went to church and then to lunch with M. She had met T at the gym and lo and behold he showed up at church, so he came with us. We went to Sweet Tomatoes and partook of mass quanities of salad and soft serve ice cream. We talked about Sheep and Barney in unflattering ways. It was quite humorous!

I drove home and treated myself to a lovely nap. Oh my goodness, I love naps. They are so luxurious and wonderful. Ahhh....did I mention I love naps?

Tonight I drove home from my class feeling good. Some good boogie on the radio, the moon was absolutely gorgeous and I was feeling so grateful. Despite what it may seem, life really is good.


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