Sunday, March 14, 2004

That's what Astroglide is for...

...sound familiar? Well then you must be a reader of my sister's blog. She was having a dry spell recently and that was the comment that I made to her. I am so dry that tumbleweeds and dust storms are forming. Just not having a lot of creative stuff to say. So I'm stealing my line that I gave to her.

Jef, on the other hand, has been writing enough for all three of us. He has been mighty prolific of late. I think it's wonderful. Writing is a passion of his and I'm so glad that he's finding a medium to do it (almost) daily.

My nephew is very sporadic in his blogging. He won't blog for a month and then he'll blog daily and then we won't see him again. He is also one of the most cynical people I know! His mother and I sometimes look at each other and say, "Where'd that come from?!!?" I don't remember being that cynical at that age. Jef says I was when I had a few drinks in me. I guess that makes me glad that I don't drink much any more! ;-)

I'm worrying about Natalie at Picklejuice. She has not blogged for 9 days as of this writing. I've been reading her for a while and I've never had to go so long with out fresh Picklejuciness! I hope all is well with her and hers.

If you ever wanted to peek into the life of a Canadian Guy living with his Chinese wife in Hong Kong, you've got to check out "Big White Guy." His is not your humorous blog, though it has it's funny parts, but to me it's just interesting seeing life in Hong Kong through his eyes.

It would be interesting to see how many people read Belle De Jour. My nephew tells a story of how he was at work and happened to be reading her blog when a man he'd never seen before walks in the front door of where he was working. The stranger looked at the computer screen and said, "Oh you read her, too?" Some people speculate that she is not really a London Call Girl, but just a writer. I say, so what? Either way, she's a good writer and her postings are interesting!

So now that I have checked in on my blog friends and family, I can now go about my day and look forward to their next post.

Take care and have a great week, everyone!


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