Friday, April 09, 2004

I am looking out my window...

...and enjoying all the green. The trees have now leafed out and I cannot see my neighbors across the way anymore. I could gallivant around nekkid in front the window if I so desired, however, I do not desire to do that today. Maybe tomorrow.

Fred (elder cat) is sprawled out at my feet taking a bath. I look down at her and she looks at me as if I walked in on her in the shower. "What?!" her eyes impatiently say.

The only sound right now is the sound of my typing and the hum of my PC. This doesn't happen often because my neighbors constantly have some noise device going at all times it seems.

My upstairs neighbor is driving me bonkers!!! The slatted wooden floor of her balcony is the ceiling of my balcony. Everyday they empty some sort of liquid out of their backdoor. Do they go to the edge of the balcony to empty the mystery liquid? OH no! They just dump it right in front of their door, which means it spills right in front of my door. When my door is open, it splashes into my house. When the door is closed, it splashes onto the window and leaves a sticky film.

What's worse is that I also believe that they let their dog out on the balcony in lieu of walking the dog. There have been days when I have not been able to open my back door just because the smell of dog pee is SOOO bad.

I went upstairs and asked the neighbors to please pour any liquids over the side of the balcony. She retorted that it was just a little water. I thought to myself, if it's just a little water, why is it sticky and why aren't you dumping the "little water" out in the sink?

Apparently their memory is short. After a short period of time when they dumped liquid over the side of the balcony, they have started dumping right outside the door again. How could someone be so incredibly thoughtless? It makes no sense to me.

They have an "illegal" dog. Our lease expressly forbids "aggressive breeds" of dogs. They have a pit bull that stays in the house 24/7 except when it goes on the balcony or occasionally goes outside for a few minutes. The penalty for having said "illegal" dog is immediate termination of the lease. I have day dreamed about turning them in to the management and them getting kicked out. I can't do that, though. I just can't muster that much meanness.

When I hear them clunking up and down the stairs, I pray they are making so much noise because they are moving on their own. No such luck.

Man, I really dislike living in an apartment. I'm very thankful and grateful for a place to live, but I would really like to have a place of my own someday soon.

So I'm sitting down to write the upstairs neighbors a letter. "Please do not let any liquid of any kind come down on my balcony." To be able to not have to clean some mystery film off my windows and to not have to smell dog pee when I open my door is not too much to ask!


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