Monday, April 19, 2004

Kinder and gentler

Goodness! I was ticked off last night, wasn't I? Truth be known, I didn't feel as ticked off as I sounded.

That blog had been brewing in me for a while. Seeing "The Passion of the Christ" just kind of set everything off. I just get so tired of people being mean, ya know?

Last night I unapologetically watched "Extreme Home Makeover" and got teary eyed. I love it when people that have had a "rough row to hoe," get something really wonderful.

I get made fun of because I like shows like "7th Heaven," and "Little House on the prairie," and "A Wedding Story," and those type shows. They are uplifting! They remind me that there are people out in the world that are good because sometimes I can't help but let the negativity of the world and the negative people in the world get to me.

I like to think that I am knowledgeable about what's going on in my neighborhood, my city, my state, my country and my world. However lately, I am not as "in the know" as I once was. I turn on the news or I look at CNN.com and I'm overwhelmed with the tragedy and pain that are so focused on. I know we live in tragic and painful times, but there are also really wonderful things happening, too!

Don't get me wrong - I'm not plugging my ears and covering my eyes to what's going on. I know that the US has a nasty presidential race going, I understand that things in Iraq are flaring up again, I know that government is spending more time on trying to dictate that a marriage is only a marriage if it's between a man and a woman than to taking care of the homeless and hungry in the "richest" country in the world. I know these things. I understand them.

However I am choosing to rejoice in a woman in Watts, CA named "Sweet Alice," who has single handedly fed 1000's of people out of her kitchen, opened up a community center for job training, and watches over the children of the neighborhood. A silly show like "Extreme Home Makeovers" rebuilt her house beautifully AND gave new mattresses to the neighborhood, paid for repairmen to enter the houses and fix what needed fixing and improved on the community center. Stories like that give me hope. Stories like that are worth hearing, and yes, stories like that make me teary eyed.

Laugh at me - make fun of me - whatever! I'm choosing to see the brighter side of life.


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