Sunday, April 18, 2004


I had always wanted a bumper sticker that said this when I was younger. When I finally got one, I didn't want to put bumper stickers on my car anymore. However, I still STRONGLY feel this way.

Just like everyone else in the world, I have been a witness to and a victim of mean people. People who seem to take joy in making you feel bad. People who cause chaos and unrest wherever they go. People who are so insanely thoughtless that you wonder if they were even born with a conscience.

Take for instance a woman at the place I used to work. When I spoke to her, I referred to her as "Evil." I think she liked this name I gave her - she kind of smiled when I said it, like it made her proud or something. She openly admitted that she liked stirring things up and getting people upset. It was extremely obvious. However, now it seems that the "powers that be" at my former employer are starting to listen to "Evil" - to the point that people's jobs are on the line just because she is bad mouthing them. It makes no sense whatsoever that they are listening to this person ESPECIALLY when it has to do with someone's livelihood.

I saw "The Passion of the Christ" last night. It was one of the most brutal things I've ever seen. However the thing that affected me the most was when Jesus was being whipped and the men that were whipping him and the man in charge of the whipping men, were taking joy in the absolute unspeakable agony of Jesus. They were laughing. They were jeering. It was all a big joke. Beating this human being was a joyful thing for them.

Don't even get me started on those that would whip, rape, and kill their slaves or those that would starve, beat and kill the Jews and anyone else who believed differently during the Holocaust.


If I say something to you that might have offended you or came across harsh, I feel guilty for days and I want to apologize and make amends. Therefore, I can't fathom what goes through a being's mind when they do something intentionally to hurt another being.

I would like to challenge you, fair reader. I would like to challenge you to be conscious of what you say and do to others. Be conscious of the consequences of your behavior and of what you say.


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