Friday, April 09, 2004

Yesterday I bought a recumbent bike!

I met G for dinner at this place we like to go that is a "Mom and Pop" version of a Sweet Tomatoes or Souper Salad. We both really love the pasta dish with the corn. We have talked about just taking the container to our table since we both eat a lot of it.

After a nice leisurely dinner, we strolled over to the Sports Authority and G test drove the bikes for me. He talked me out of getting a bike that was $100.00 more and had "bells and whistles" I didn't really need. I picked out a good basic model, went up to the front with my 25% off coupon and paid for it and then G followed me to my house to unload and put the bike together.

I was put in charge of reading directions, handing tools to him and handing bolts, nuts and washers to him. I was very good at my job. He was good at his too because my bike is very well put together. What a team!

When he had finished, I gave him some water, handed him his prize for being such a good egg, (A copy of "The Guns of Navarone" on DVD) and sent him on his way.

Man this thing is big! I didn't remember it looking that big when I saw it in the store! I can still get around it, but it dominates the room!

I took it on a test drive last night. The cats have thoroughly smelled it and don't seem to alarmed by it. I think we are all going to be good friends.

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