Sunday, May 02, 2004

What a nice weekend!

After having exiled myself for a couple of weeks, I finally got out and mingled with the masses. It was fun!

Thursday night I had choir practice and S bribed us with adult beverages if we would go to see one of our fellow choir folks singing for tips at a Mexican Restaurant. We went and had a grand ole time! I had a Peach Margarita and some chips and queso, we sang, we talked, we laughed....it was fun!

Friday I met G for lunch before I went to Birmingham to see the Indigo Girls in concert! L and I left town about 2:30 and met up with S and D in Birmingham. We had a lovely dinner at a place called "Up the Creek," and then off to concert we went.

D had gotten us great tickets! We were 5th and 6th row on Amy's side. Shawn Mullins opened for The Girls, which thrilled me because I haven't seen him in so long and it was just him and his guitar which is my favorite way to hear him.

The Girls then came out and they were "band-less" too, which I love. They did a lot of songs off the newest album of course, but they reached back some, too. I hadn't heard "Watershed" live in a long time and they did a kick ass acoustic version of "Go." Of course you had your sing along songs of "Galileo," "Closer to Fine," and "Power of Two," and Amy looked especially pleased with the crowd's singing. Amy did a rather subdued version of "Chicken Man" and Emily did a guitar solo on that song that was AWESOME. They ended the show with "Kid Fears" and Shawn did the male voice. I think he outdid Michael Stipe! (who did the original version of that song)

S, D, L and I think that there should be a "Queer Eye for the Queer Girl," for Amy and Emily. God love 'em! They make some bucks...couldn't they get a stylist or something? I will say that Emily looks like she's lost some weight and looked good in that respect, and we all agreed that Amy's hair looks best long, as it was a couple of inches past her shoulder.

L and I made the trek back to ATL late Saturday morning and were BLOWN AWAY when we got a call from R!!! We had called R several times the night before to ask her the name of a musician that we couldn't remember the name of. She not only called back with the answer, but she talked for a few minutes too! WOW! Will wonders never cease?

THANK YOU S & D! Without you I wouldn't have gotten to go and I had SUCH a good time and enjoyed your company so much!!! I wish we could have hung out longer!!! I love and MISS you both!!!

Saturday night I met S, P, T, R and S at the Drive In. We were all very excited that it looked like the weather was cooperating as it was predicted to rain. We had our camp chairs and coolers set up and we all brought food to share and had a nice meal before the show. We saw "Man on Fire" with Denzel Washington. I think all thumbs of our group were up on that one. I thought the cinematography was really interesting, too.

T, R and S left and S, P and I stayed for the 2nd feature which was "Taking Lives," with Angelina Jolie. I saw lightening, but didn't hear thunder or smell rain, so I didn't think much of it. Then I felt one drop of rain fall on my face, I told S & P about it and as we started to get up to put stuff away, the sky opened up. It went from 1 drop, to a torrential downpour in 1.5 seconds! We scrambled to put everything away and got into S & P's truck totally soaked to the bone. We finished watching the movie between passes of the windshield wipers. I think we all thought "Taking Lives" was OK, but that's about it. But hey! Our rain adventure makes for a good story, huh?

Now it's Sunday and I sit in my very quiet house with kittys at my feet and the day ahead of me. How wonderful is that?

I hope you had a good weekend, too!


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