Thursday, June 17, 2004

Embracing my Womanhood

My Mom had just found her biological sister and had gotten to spend some time with her. She remarked that she admired her sister because she seemed so in touch with being a woman. I wasn't really sure what she meant by that, however if my Mom were still with us today, I think she would admire me for being at least partially in touch with being a woman.

Wednesday was such a good day! In the morning I was online and was talking to a friend who unexpectedly had "gotten some" last night after having quite a long dry spell. She was glowing from the experience and giddy with the possibility of what it will mean. I shared in her glowing and giddiness and we were both so excited that we decided to meet for lunch. (We went to a burrito joint, and the Freudian connotations were not lost on me!) We giggled like school girls as she recounted how the experience came to happen, and then we went back to her apartment to kick off our shoes, put our feet up and talk further, but this time about more serious subjects. She had this amazing idea that I had already thought of, but was too shy to share with her. It was one of those moments where your heart says, "Yay! Somebody gets me!"

After I left her apartment, I went by the place of employment of another friend. She and her co-worker were having a slow day, so were able to sit and talk about things that women talk about - homes, fears, struggles, health issues, their significant others, among other things. I had just met my friend's co-worker that day and by the time we parted, I felt like there was the beginning of a real friendship there.

I spoke on the phone to three of my closest friends. Two were women that have known me for years and despite that, still love me, and the other was probably the closest thing I'll have to a brother.

I called a friend, knowing she was at work, and left her a message on her answering machine letting her know that I miss her and how another friend and I were thinking of her recently and it made us smile. I hope when she got the message that it made her feel loved.

I talked online to a person that used to be just my friend's partner, and has now become a really close friend of mine that I love and someone who I am so happy ended up with my friend.

I talked online to my sister, which progressed to a phone call to discuss plans for her wedding. I felt so proud that she was hearing and taking to heart some of my suggestions for her wonderful day and I can't wait to be a part of it all!

Finally, I spoke with my friend, (who's partner I was talking about previously) who I am so thankful to have back in my life after a long period of time that we were both silent.

Yes, it's days like these that I love being a woman and having such wonderful women in my life. It's days like these that I think my Mom would admire me.



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