Sunday, June 13, 2004

I love Sundays!

I know this is a recurring theme with me, but it's true!

Today I woke up and went to church with M. Even though you don't get to talk during the service, there is something comforting about having someone you love and who is of a similar spiritual mind sitting next to you.

As I left the sanctuary, my chaplain, Joanne comes up to me to ask me how my job search is going. I tell her about my interview tomorrow, and she says, "OK, let's pray about it!" We sit down and we pray. Under normal circumstances, I'm not a "OK, let's pray about it!" type person, but Joanne is such a sweet and wonderful presence that you can't help but be a "OK, let's pray about it!" person with her!

I left church and went and got Jef and we were off to meet JC and Anshu for brunch at Murphy's in Virginia Highland. I left Jef up front while I went to the restroom and when I came back, I saw these two BEAUTIFUL, curvaceous Indian diva's talking to Jef. Ahh! This must be JC and Anshu! Lo and behold, it was!

Even though I've seen pictures of JC before and commented on how gorgeous she is, she's even MORE gorgeous in person! It was so cool to be able to see her beautiful eyes and smile in person and hear the voice behind the writing!

Anshu was absolutely beautiful as well. She is not a blogger because she says she is not a writer, but a photographer. We encouraged her to do a photo blog, especially after she leaves Atlanta to go to Boston. By the time we parted, I think she was giving it serious consideration.

We had wonderful food, wonderful conversation and wonderful company. It was just WONDERFUL! ;-)

Now, I want to confirm that everyone knows that I don't go around throwing the phrase "beautiful" and "gorgeous" at just anyone. In my opinion, you have to be beautiful on the inside as well as the outside to garner that praise from me, and both of these women satisfied that criteria.

Not only that, but they had beautiful eyebrows, too! (All of us, except for Jef, had our eyebrows groomed within the last week)

Hopefully the opportunity to spend more time with these women will present itself as I have already thought of many more questions that I'd like to ask them!

Thank you for your company, JC, Anshu and Jef! It was really a lot of fun!



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