Sunday, June 27, 2004

Long time no write!

In the past, those of you in my blogging world that are nearest and dearest would be concerned about my lack of blogging over the last week. Fear not, friends! I've just been busy and when I wasn't busy, I was lazy.

Tonight a friend has been kind enough to GIVE me a ticket to the Indigo Girls concert! I'm so excited! The show will be at Chastain Park, which is a beautiful outdoor amphitheatre and, because my friend is well connected, we'll be sitting at a table, which is a prime place at these concerts! Opening for them will be 3FiveHuman (formerly Stereo Popsicle) which is a band I have not seen in ages! YAY!

Friday night Jef and I were asked by a friend of ours if we would come see her son play in his band. He is in a band called "Bishop Don" and they are actually quite good. The show took place at a club called "Vinyl." I walked in and immediately knew I was one of the oldest people there. It wasn't that long ago when I would have felt at ease at a place like this, but that time has passed. I found a big purple couch to sit on and proceeded to people watch until Jef arrived.

Things that we observed: The outfit of choice of today's 20-something female is a "flirty" mini skirt, a tank top, and high heeled sandals. 20-something guys still like to get drunk and act like idiots. If you are a 20-something, there is a really good chance that you are smoking.

Before I had gotten to the club, I was making the block to get back to a parking place I had spotted. While stopped at a red light, a very nicely dressed, but extremely drunk man with a cell phone attached to his ear, stumbled up to my window. He waited for me to roll down my window. I didn't. He loudly said, "Where is 17th street?" I pointed. He apparently didn't think I understood him, so he said it louder this time, "Where is 17th street?!!?" I pointed again. He looked at me a minute and then said, "Can you give me a ride?" I shook my head no. He was confused by this and then asked, "You don't have any room?" I was the only person in my 4 person car, but I said, "Yes, that's exactly it." Luckily the light turned green and I drove away. After I parked, I saw that he found 17th street and some friends. I was glad.

My cat Shelby likes to sit on top of my monitor and snooze when I'm sitting at the computer. Occasionally she likes to rest her tail right in the middle of the screen. I know she does it on purpose because I can almost hear her laughing. I'll move her tail out of the way and then she looks at me indignantly (as only a cat can) and then proceeds to clean her tail where I just touched it. How dare I besmirch her tail! Cats are so funny!

Does anyone else have animals that like to oversee their computer activity? If so, how do they accomplish this?

I'll blog more tomorrow with a review of the IG show!



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