Sunday, June 20, 2004

Peeing and Pooping
or Two Sisters Converse About Life, Love and Peaceful Eliminating of Waste at Work

Do you know how it's a universal rule that men don't like it when another man stands right next to him at the urinal? Well, women have "rules," too. I'm not at all sure how we got on the subject, but my sister and I had this conversation via IM the other day:

Me: Do you know what else I don't like? People talking to me while I'm peeing.
Her: or pooping
Her: or trying to poop at work
Her: or having to poop at work
Her: that pisses me off!
Me: Pooping pisses you off! ROFLMAO!
Me: I don't mind pooping at work, just so long as you don't talk to me while I'm in the process.
Her: having to Poop at work
Her: in a 4 stall bathroom
Her: with 50 women
Her: so obviously
Her: SOMEONE is coming in while you are in there
Me: Well, I always thought about it in the sense that if lots of women are always in there, no one knows for sure if you are the one associated with the smell. LOLOLOLOL!
Her: well they do if there are only 2 of you
Her: I guess you could walk out and go
Her: Damn what crawled up in you and died....
Her: lol
Me: Or (and I have done this) wait until all the stalls are occupied and run out, wash your hands and run before they come out of their stalls!
Her: I have done that too
Her: and the stall tactic
Her: you go in
Her: someone follows you
Her: you act like your hands are sticky
Her: walk out and come back later
Her: oh
Me: ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!
Her: and you wash your hands before you leave
Her: like that waz the purpose
Her: i HATE it when
Her: someone who likes me follows me into the bathroom................
Her: talking....................
Her: and I have to poop
Her: peeing doesn't bother me
Her: they talk as you walk in
Her: and you get in the stall
Her: and they get in a stall
Her: I am just like
Her: now what the F?
Her: they for SURE gonna know it was you pooping
Her: exactly
Her: they have never shut up from walking in to sitting down
Her: speaking of... I gotta go p brb
Me: lol!



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