Monday, June 28, 2004

Tangled Up In Blue

Last night was the Indigo Girls concert. It was really GREAT! They opened with "Tether" from the newest album and ended with "Galileo." In between they played (for my fellow IG lovers in the house) Pushing the Needle Too Far, Go, Get out the Map, Closer to Fine, Midnight Train to Georgia (With 3FiveHuman), Power of Two, Least Complicated, Love's Recovery, Perfect World, Shame on You, Fill it up Again, Heartache for Everyone, Ozziline, Moment of Forgiveness and I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot, but that's what I can remember. YAY!

I mentioned this when I saw the Girls in Birmingham, that I thought that Emily was losing weight. Last night it was even more evident. For the first time in a REALLY long time I saw her wearing a T-shirt with her shirt tucked in! Way to go, Emily! Amy looked very Amy-ish. I do enjoy her hair long, though.

It had been raining here in all day yesterday, so Lesley and I went prepared for rain. We ended up sitting in the car until 7:30 and then ran into Beth and some friends walking in. It was so great to see her!

Our seats were not where Lesley had expected them to be, but I still enjoyed where we ended up. It rained - HARD - right up until the Girls took the stage, then suddenly it cleared up and the stars and the moon were out! It was great!

I was an IG lover before I moved to Atlanta, but now that I've lived here I've really developed an even greater appreciation for them. It's been cool to catch one or both of them in a small club trying out some new music. I remember sitting at Eddie's Attic and hearing the birth of "Go" and "Dairy Queen." Very cool stuff.

It was also a really special time to be in the audience that New Year's Eve when Amy showed up at a Michelle Malone show at Eddie's and they sang "Wild Horses" together.

If I remember correctly, the first time I met Lesley is when R and I went to Tower Records when they debuted "Shaming of the Sun." We stood in this hideously long line to get them to sign our CD's and then got to hear them play a few songs.

The first time R met Susan was when the three of us road tripped down to Valdosta, GA to see the Girls there. The three of us still say that is one of the best shows we've seen of theirs.

It's been very cool the people that I've met standing in line for a general admission show or to get tickets or to get a number for a show at Eddie's. All of these people brought together by the power of music! Cool, huh?

So now I'm older, and general admission shows and cramped little clubs are pretty much a thing of the past, but to show up at a show when they tour each summer is still a favorite thing.

I looked around at the crowd last night, I saw lesbians, gay men, het couples, whole families, big groups of friends, young teenagers and 50-something Grandmas - all braving the rain, but still in good spirits because they knew that they would leave having felt like they had been sitting in a friend's really large living room, listening to and being a part of the music.

Amy and Emily: I'd just like to say, "Thanks Y'all!"



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