Thursday, July 01, 2004

July 1, 1967

The above was a rather eventful day for me as it was the day I was born!

I'm told that Mom actually went into labor the evening of June 30. Mom told Dad it was time to go to the hospital and he asked if she could wait until after the John Wayne movie he was watching was over. Mom was not amused.

Early in the morning of July 1, I made my entrance into the world and was dubbed "Joan."

37 years later, I sit here at my computer thinking over the last year and being damn proud of having made it to another birthday. This year has been chock full of challenges, however I believe that ultimately, I will look back on this past year and see I did a lot of growing as a person, and as Jef is fond of saying, "Growth is messy."

I'm excited about what this next year will hold for me. I think when I sit down at my computer this time next year and muse about my 37th year, I'll see that I was able to finally crack this oyster called "life" and reveal my pearl within, and it ought to be a big, beautiful pearl, indeed!



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