Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Lady Madonna and other thoughts...
Saturday night I had dinner with a pair of Jef(f)'s and a pair of Brian's.  It was a most interesting dinner not only because I hadn't met the Brian's before, but because a party of about 8 already annoyingly intoxicated and even more annoyingly loud people were seated at about the same time we were.  Despite the fact that they were a good 20 feet away from us, we heard every word each of them said.  They were SCREAMING at each other.  Why must drunk folk scream?  I now remember why I don't drink that much anymore. 
After dinner, 2F parted ways with us and Jef, the 2 Brian's and I walked down to the MARTA to make our way to Phillips Arena to see MADONNA!  She finally came on stage at 9pm.  We were just about to be annoyed with the lady, but how can you be mad at someone that gives you a great 2 hour show?  She did a lot of really good stuff.  My favorite was a really jazzy version of "Deeper and Deeper."  I must admit that I didn't like the original version of the song, but this jazzy version rocked!  She ended the show with a very happy and confetti filled version of "Holiday."  I'm really glad that I got to go to the show!  Jef and the 2 Brian's were wonderful company!  Thanks, guys!  I appreciate you letting me tag along!

Sunday after church, I met up with Jef and JC.  We had a lovely lunch together and then treated ourselves to some yummy TCBY for dessert.  From there we did some shopping, but not before I stopped at Quick Trip (QT) to get a 49 cent beverage.  (For those of you that don't know me, I must have a beverage near me at all times, especially if they are only 49 cents!)  So we are motoring toward the exit of said QT, when BOOM!  A car comes out from around the gas pumps and we collide.  No one was hurt, the cars were merely scratched, so we traded information and went about our business.  I would have preferred that it didn't happen at all, but I'm extremely thankful that no one was hurt and both the cars are drivable.  
After going to TJ Maxx and Target, we ended up at a used CD store.  Jef and I have loved used CD stores since they have been in existence.  When we were younger, whole days would be passed going from one used CD store to another.  However, today would include just one used CD store.  While looking through the "Bargain Bin," I came across some wonderful jewels!  I got Beth Wood's "Woodwork" and Jennifer Kimball's Veering from the Wave for $1.00 each!!!  I also found a compilation CD that has David Bowie and Bing Crosby's version of "Little Drummer Boy" for $1.00!  Jef also found some treasures that he had been looking for, too and was extremely happy.  Poor JC - she didn't know how dangerous it can be to take us to a CD store!  
After that, we dropped JC off at her friend's house and bid her a fond farewell until the next time she crosses into the Atlanta city limits.  
I watched the opening night of the Democratic Convention on Monday night, and was quite impressed with what I saw.  They did a tribute to the victims and families of September 11, 2001, one of John Kerry's buddies from when he was in Vietnam, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton.  Unfortunately, I missed hearing Jimmy Carter and Al Gore speak.  They really rolled out the big guns for the first night.  It will be interesting to see what John Kerry himself says when he speaks on Thursday.  
I personally do not care who anyone chooses to vote for, as long as they exercise their right to vote.  If you have not registered yet, I encourage you to do so immediately so that you will be ready on November 2, 2004 to voice your opinion.  

Woo!  Was I link happy today, or what?   



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