Monday, August 02, 2004

Music, Music Everywhere...

...and not a drop to drink...? Wait! That's not right!

Anyway - I was reading
Jef's post on music that gets stuck in your head and the lovely and talented Jesse responded to him saying that Jeff Buckley's version of "Hallelujah" gets stuck in his head. I was so excited I almost had to change underwear because I LOVE me some Jeff Buckley!! Love, love, LOVE!

They have a new radio station here in Atlanta called "
Dave FM." It took over what used to be Z93, which was a classic rock station that I loved. I tried to be resistant to liking Dave FM since they took over my beloved Z93, but damn it! I can't!!! Dave FM is the radio station that I would have created if I had a zillion dollars and could buy out Clear Channel! They play music from the 70's through the present and so far, I have not heard them play the same song twice, which is so freaking amazing!!! I mean think about it, there was a helluva lot of music made between the 70's and now. There shouldn't be a reason to hear the same song 87 times in the same 24 hr period, ya know?

I talked to a friend in DFW the other day and she said they have a station called "
Jack FM." Coincidence? I think not!

OK, now that I've gushed, I must point out the downside. The downside is that the DJ's are gone. Some people would say that is a good thing, but I really had come to love
Mara Davis and Dunham and Kaedy Kiley and Willard and Adam Caskey and Makenzie. Where did they go? Does anyone know?

I have acquired some REALLY good CD's recently! In my last post, I told y'all about getting a Beth Wood and Jennifer Kimball CD's for a buck each. They are amazing gems. I also have recently gotten
Patty Griffin's latest, "Impossible Dream," Mindy Smith's "One Moment More," and Jen Chapin's "Linger." OH. MY. GOD. All of these CD's are so wonderful. RUN, don't walk, to your closest independent CD store and buy them!!!

I had the pleasure to see Patty Griffin at one of the best places to see live music in Atlanta (IMHO), the
Variety Playhouse. She is so good, it's beyond words. I'm SO wishing that I could go to Chastain to see her with Emmylou Harris - if someone wishes to have me tag along with them to the show, I would be most happy to oblige!!!

I had been hearing people "rumbling" about Mindy Smith for a while. I was driving to church last week and listening to "
Organic X" on 99X and they played Mindy's, "Come to Jesus." Man, I was blown away! I HAD to have the CD! The rest of the album is fantastic as well!

Saturday I was at
Barnes and Noble and they were featuring Jen Chapin on their listening station. I was intrigued because in the little "blurb" they had about her, they mentioned she was the daughter of Harry Chapin of "Cat's in the Cradle" fame. The album is so good! She's kinda jazzy, kinda folky, kinda soulful - she reminds me of Alana Davis, kinda. The whole album is worth the price you paid just for the song, "I Could Fall (in Love with You)"

I got so excited because JC quoted a lyric from an
Ani Difranco song in her blog today. It got me thinking of my favorite lyric from her song "Come Away From It" that's on her "Up Up Up Up Up Up" CD: Do you gotta have a tripledecker super fudge sundae with a g*&d%$# cherry on top? She says that line with such venom! It's so fun!

OK....here's a challenge...in the comment section, tell me your favorite lyric and why. Also, tell us the artist and song title and album so we can all enjoy it!



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