Thursday, October 14, 2004

Fall is finally here!

Today I left the house wearing sandals because I try not to wear anything but sandals during warm weather. Imagine my very happy surprise to realize that it was an almost nippy 64 degrees outside! Luckily, me and my toes were not going to be outside in the elements, so the sandals thing wasn't a huge fiasco.

I've opened up my back sliding glass door and the cats are sitting in front of the screen smelling the air and watching the world. It's kind of gray and overcast outside and it makes you want to curl up with a good book and doze.

My favorite type of Fall day is when the sky is crystal blue and it's cool enough to comfortably wear sweats. It's days like these that I feel like playing touch football on the lawn at the Kennedy Compound. Of course, I don't know any of the Kennedy's, nor have I been invited to the Kennedy Compound, but hey! a girl can dream, can't she?

This Friday, the high is supposed to be 60 and the low is to be in the lower 40's. My favorite thing to do on the first (semi) cold day of the fall is to make spaghetti covered with chili and sharp cheddar cheese. Mom and I used to make that and although it's not good for you, it's soooo good! ;-)

Something that I've discovered since I've moved out of Texas is that everyone in the world does not know about Frito Pie! What is Frito Pie, you ask? Well, it's very very simple. You get some Frito's, (the smaller kind preferably) some chili, and some cheese. You throw the Frito's in a bowl, pour the chili on top of that and the cheese on top of the chili, and voila! It's done! In Texas, they'll sell this at the Football games by getting an individual bag of Fritos, slitting open a long side of the bag, and then adding the chili and cheese right to the bag. At cold Friday night football games, it's good to warm your tummy AND your hands!

In Texas, it kinda sucked because you would go with your Mom to pick out clothes for the new school year, and they would be too hot to wear until the latter part of October. Many times, because I just couldn't stand it anymore, I would wear some of my new Fall clothes to school in September and be sweating like a pig by the end of the day.

What was Fall like in your neck o' the woods when you were a kid?



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