Thursday, October 21, 2004

Happy Memories of my Parents

Jef and I went to see "Wimbledon" this afternoon and afterward found ourselves sitting outside the theatre watching the sunset and talking.

We were talking about DVD's and he told me about owning "Logan's Run" which led us to thinking about other movies that came out around the same time that one did. One of my favorites that I haven't seen in years is "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." It made me think of when I first went to see it when I was a kid.

Dad, Mom and I loaded up in Dad's 1966 Chevy truck, that he named "Bessie," and made the trek to Ft. Worth on a cool Thanksgiving afternoon. We were going to the movie on a holiday and I remember thinking that was too cool! Back then, I didn't realize movie theatres were even open on Thanksgiving!

We saw "Close Encounters" and Mom, Dad and I were just hypnotized by it. Enjoying Science Fiction was something that all three of us shared and we just loved the movie.

It was dark when we pointed the truck back toward home. As we crested the hills on the highway, we imagined that the oncoming headlights from the other side of the highway was the alien ship in the movie. We laughed and made the noise that the alien ship made when Richard Dreyfus was trying to communicate with it.

Until I described this story to Jef, I hadn't thought about this happy time in quite a while. Since my parents divorced when I was 13, I sometimes forget that there were some good times that the three of us had together. I am so glad that I was reminded today.



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