Friday, October 01, 2004

I had a lovely Friday.

As per my previous post, I woke up laughing. That's always a good way to wake up.

I met Jef at Uncle Julio's Casa Grande for lunch. We both had the "Sonora Platter" which was most yummy. It contained a tamale, enchilada and a taco along with some beans and rice. Jef and I are Texas expatriates so getting some good Mexican food is always a treat!

I bid Jef a fond adieu and motored to the AMC to see "Shark Tale." I like getting there early enough to get the exact seat I want, which is in the back row right in the middle. I sat down with my industrial sized Diet Coke and the Whoppers I got for dollar since I was a member of the "Movie Watcher" club. I was very pleased to see that all the kids and their parents were sitting at the front of the theatre. Alas, that was not to be true for long because along came a gaggle of 7 year old boys. There must have been about 20 of them and I think somebody was having a birthday or something. Luckily they pretty much settled down once they had been distributed their popcorn and an Icee. Thank God for that!

The movie was good. However, after having laughed until I thought I'd break a rib or something after seeing "Shrek 2," it paled in comparison to me. The one thing that really made me belly laugh was seeing the Puffer fish that was being voiced by Martin Scorsese with a Zebra striped pimp hat on.

After the movie, I wandered down to Borders and got all the magazines that I would never buy, but love to look at and sat down to read them all. I was most distressed that I could not find Barbie Bazaar.

I was skimming through "People" magazine and I came upon an article about the guy who played Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies. I was most surprised to find out that he currently lives in the town I grew up in, Granbury, TX! It's just so weird to see my hometown's name in "People" magazine, doncha know!

Have you registered to vote yet? In the state of GA you have just a few more days to do so, and I'm pretty sure the other states are coming to a close as well. Go forth, young man or woman, and get thee to registering!



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