Monday, October 04, 2004

I HEART the Gilmore Girls

They had a "Gilmore Girls" Marathon on the Family Channel today. I love that show. I also love "7th Heaven," "The Waltons," and "The Cosby Show" and "Little House On The Prarie."

Yes it's true - I am a big ole "family oriented show" geek. There! I've said it!

Don't even get me started on the "Extreme Home Makeover" show! Try as I might, it's almost impossible for me to get through one of those without crying.

On the other end of the spectrum, I also like watching that show, "Cheaters." Have you seen this one? A person says, "I think my girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/baby mama/baby daddy is cheating on me - follow them around and find out for sure!" The "Cheaters" folks have "Private Investigators" follow the cheating person around and catch them in the act. Then the host, Joey Greco, tries to act all sad and concerned while he confirms the person's worst fear. Then they go and confront the cheater in public! There's screaming and crying and pleading and cussing and then the relationship is over - right on national televison.

I try not to watch this show. However, if I'm home on Saturday night and it's on, my remote magically changes the channel to that show. I would like to say that it's only because the show is filmed in and around Dallas, and I'm from that area, and I like to see if I can recognize where they are, but that would be a big lie. Aren't I pathetic?

What are some of your "guilty pleasure" shows?



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