Friday, October 01, 2004

I woke myself up laughing this morning

I was having a dream about Jef. We were in a convenience store that also had some movie theatre seating in it. We were listening to music from the 80's and 90's and Jef was impressing people with his vast knowledge of Pop Music from that era.

Jef then went back to the cooler where the beer is kept and Susan Olsen, (the woman who played Cindy Brady when she was a kid) came up to the cooler, reached in and got a vase full of roses out and presented them to Jef. Jef said, "No thank you." She continued to insist on giving him the roses and he said, "Really, I have no use for the flowers."

People in the audience gasped, and Jef looked up and said, "Really, I mean no harm, I just don't need any flowers!" It was here that I noticed that Jef was wearing that black hat and a leopard vest he used to wear in the early 90's. He went and sat down in the audience next to Kent. I went and sat down next to both of them and the song "Sweet Lullabye" came on. (I think that's the name of the song that had the Pygmies singing on it.) I looked at Jef and said, "Sing this song!" in a way that was like I was daring him. He stood up and started singing the pygmy part of the song. I was so amazed that I started laughing, and that's when I woke up.

Anyone care to analyze that?

So I trundled into my computer, since I laughed my bladder awake, which meant that I had to pee, which meant I was up anyway, so might as well check out what's going on in the world and write down my freaky weird funny dream about Jef.

Before I did that, I checked on all the blogs I read to see if anyone has updated since last night. (I even check my sister's blog daily hoping against hope she'll update, but alas, her last entry is from 9/9/04. ) Natalie at Picklejuice hadn't updated, but I decided to check out the link she had to her friend Melly who has a blog called "Ordinary Morning." Oh my goodness she made me laugh! I was sitting here like a big goober in a darkened room with my big fluffy robe on and my hair all askew and laughing like a hyena.

Yesterday morning I was sleeping along just lovely and I'm awoken by a smell so incredibly foul - Fred had just pooped. You would have thought that she came up on the bed and took a dump, but no, it was just the invisible stench that followed her from the litter box back to her comfy sleeping place next to me. I laid there and didn't open my eyes in hopes that the smell would dissipate and I could go back to sleep, but it didn't. Finally, I had to get up and go in the other room. Fred looked up at me with a "What?!?" look on her face before drifting off to sleep. I'm beginning to think she did that on purpose so she could have the whole bed to herself. She's crafty like that! Also, I thought I heard her laughing evilly as I left the room.

I swear, some days I'll wake up and I'm on a 1/4 of my Queen sized bed and Fred has the other 3/4 of the bed. Then she gets really miffed when I scoot her over so I can claim at least 1/2 of the bed. She's a geriatric kitty, so I let her bitch and moan. I figure she deserves it.

There are somedays when it's really evident to me that I had a night in which I was snoring really loudly. It's usually when I wake up and both cats are huddled in the far side of the living room with their paws over their ears. I've been sleeping with the windows open and I wonder if my neighbors hear my snoring so loudly? When I walk out of my apartment, no one points and laughs or anything, so I can't really tell.

OK, all of this talking about sleeping has got me wanting to sleep...I'm going to wander back to my bed for a little bit.

Have a great day!



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