Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

I originally had planned to drive to my sister's house after the morning rush hour on Wednesday, however Mother Nature had other plans. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings, Tornado Watches and Warnings abounded, and by the time everything blew through, traffic was snarled. I reluctantly called my sister and told her I'd be driving on Thursday morning.

I left the house at 6:40am and stopped by the Quick Trip to "quickly" top off my tank and get a Diet Coke, however, because of all the storms, every roofing contractor within a 50 mile radius was there for their morning coffee and snack. I finally drove away from the QT at 7:00am, anticipating a lovely breakfast sandwich from McDonald's. However, McDonald's was closed! Krystal's was closed! Burger King was closed! (GASP!) I got onto the freeway hungry and feeling very bewildered.

About 20 miles out of Atlanta, I exited to see if I could find an open fast food joint. All of the fast food joints were closed, however the Sex Toy and XXX DVD store was OPEN! It's Thanksgiving for Pete's sake! You don't need food, you need sexual gratification! I thought to myself, "Hmmm....." and motored on down the freeway.

While I'm thinking about it, let me pose this: Who is this Pete guy who's sake we are so concerned about and why are we so concerned?

Man, I'm full...



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