Friday, November 26, 2004

Post Thanksgiving Day Wrap up

We had lunch on Thanksgiving around 2:00pm. We had a nice crowd with Rick, Marti, Amanda, Wayne, Jarrett, Alicia, a family friend and myself all happily stuffing our faces around the table.

After dinner, Amanda, Marti, Alicia and I sat at the table and ate a little dessert. Well, I should say, Amanda, Marti and I ate dessert - Alicia wore it! Alicia is knocking on the door of 2 years old and she is too cute. Knowing she was going to get dirty, Amanda took Alicia's shirt off and put her in the high chair with a plate of pudding. Alicia REALLY likes pudding. The adults were talking amongst themselves when we heard a spoon scraping across the plate as Alicia worked hard to get every last possible bit of the pudding. While Amanda was distracted, Marti showed Alicia how show everyone at the table what was in her mouth. Then she taught her to use her finger to get the pudding off the plate. Then she showed her how to pick up the plate and lick the pudding off the plate. When Amanda finally realized what Marti was doing, she protested, but couldn't stop laughing at her daughter. We have some pictures and I will post them when I figure out how to do that.

Marti has waited a long time to spoil someone's kid and then give them back to their parent. Needless to say, she accomplished that with much gusto! I was very happy for her!

Today found us doing some shopping. Crowds were not horrendous, but of course, once I got bored or claustrophobic, I asked for the keys and went and sat in the car! LOL!

We ended the day by having a big plate of leftovers. We followed that with some dessert, a continuation of our Yahtzee game from last night and a close game of Scrabble. (I WON!!!)

The simple things in life are the things I cherish most. Like sitting at a table, listening to Christmas music and playing games. *Happy Sigh*



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