Tuesday, November 02, 2004


...at least the voting part is. It was very painless. It only took 50 mins from out of the car to back in the car.

This was my first time doing electronic voting - no hanging chads at my polling place! I enjoyed it! Quick and easy.

It was cool to look around at the folks that had come out to vote. Young mothers with their kids in tow, a man on a break from the garage down the street, older ladies with their hair all in place and their lipstick carefully applied, a man that quipped, when he was referred to as a "Senior Citizen," "I'm not a Senior Citizen - I'm just old!," people wearing red, white and blue, one lady even carried a small flag with her, no one complained, everyone smiled - all in all, a great experience.

I also really enjoyed seeing the younger men and women there, too. Now, granted, I'm not ancient by any stretch of the imagination. However there were some first time voters there that you could tell were 18 and this was their first election. Very refreshing!

As I left the polling place, the man at the front door thanked me for coming in. I thanked him for being there. You could tell he was thankful, but embarrassed for the recognition.

America - far from perfect, but damn, I'm glad I live here.



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