Monday, November 15, 2004

You thought you loved Ashlee Simpson...

...but now you feel betrayed by the fact she is (gasp!) a lip synch-er!!! What ever will you do? Fear not, my friend! This website gives you advice to soothe your troubled soul.

Check out what my sister has to say about the AMA's last night. I must admit, I agree with her on just about all of what she says!

Is it me, or does the new U2 video for "Vertigo" look like a fancy smancy "Target" ad?

I'm very much looking forward to U2's "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" album coming out on 11/23/04. Yeah, I said album! Yeah, I just pretty much proved how old I am! ;-)

I also find myself in a trance when Gwen Stefani's video for "What you waiting for?" comes on. How does she move in those impossibly high heels? Why is she laying in a bush having an orgasm? How the hell does she get her stomach so tight you can bounce a quarter off of it?

Her solo debut is droppin' like it's hot on 11/23/04, as well. (OK, did I get my street cred back?)



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