Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Time for an Update!

My sister advised me that it's time to update my blog friends what's going on in the "Wonderful World of Joan!" I try to do what my sister asks me to do, so here goes!

Well, since my last post many wonderful things have happened. I have many sweet comments from my blogging community, I have had several really supportive emails, I have had several surprises of folks just giving me money and I have had several people really step up and say, "Joan, where can I help?"

As it stands right now, almost all of my bills have been paid for December INCLUDING my car payment which I was really worried about. Not only that, I have had the offer of a place to stay when my lease ends 1/31/05. Can I say that a million pound boulder has been lifted off my shoulders? Whew!

Those who know me well, know that my stepping up and saying, "Hey, I'm going through a tough time here and need your support," is a big break through moment for me. I come from a long line of folks who kept secrets and suffered in silence on one side of the family tree. On the other side of the family tree is the line of folks who had a tendency to want to find the easy way out of a bad situation. I'm breaking both of those cycles and that is so cool!

I've still got some challenges ahead of me. I'm sending resumes out like a mad woman. I've still got rent and bills for January to come up with, but I feel like it will all work out.

I have such good friends and such wonderful family. I am so incredibly fortunate. I can't begin to express how appreciative I am to everyone that thought of me, prayed for me, blogged for me, sent me emails, gave me money, paid my bills and just generally loved me. I thank God for each and every one of you. Know that I will never forget your kindness.

Man, am I a lucky dame, or what?



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